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Benefits of MICROSOFT OFFICE 365

Work from anywhere, anytime, and be more productive with Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft 365 is a productivity-accelerating cloud that combines best-in-class Office applications with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security. Microsoft Office 365 - contains services: Standard (Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft OneDrive); Additional (Microsoft OneNote, OneNote Class Notebook, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Bookings, Power Automate, Microsoft Power Bi); Communication and collaboration tools (Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner Planner, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Whiteboard, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Online). The company selects for itself the type of license with a particular set of services. Speaking in standard services, they include: Microsoft Word is a multifunctional text editor that not only creates documents from scratch or using ready-made templates, but also adds various multimedia content (images, pictures and videos) to them. Word allows you to work with local versions of documents, as well as with cloud versions. , which are located in your or other OneDrive storage or Teams. Microsoft PowerPoint - allows you to create presentations from scratch or based on a ready-made template, using various multimedia content: text, images, pictures or even video. As with other editors in Microsoft Office, you can save presentations to OneDrive so they can be accessed from your computer, tablet, and phone, and share and work remotely with others. Microsoft Excel is a multifunctional spreadsheet editor that undoubtedly allows you to store, structure and analyze information. With Excel, you can process numerical or string data, carry out calculations of varying complexity, and also build interactive graphs and charts. Microsoft OneDrive is online storage shared with a Microsoft Office 365 account. Microsoft OneDrive supports Microsoft Office Online, allowing users to upload, create, co-edit, and share Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel Poll, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, text documents directly in the browser. Files that are saved to OneDrive are available both online and offline on your computer. Microsoft OneNote is a PC application and cloud service that provides the ability to create, edit and share searchable digital universal notebooks. There are 2 Microsoft 365 user solutions: Business and Enterprise. Each of them has its own tariff plans. At first glance, the difference between them is in the number of users: in Business, you can connect up to 300 users, while in Enterprise, this number is not limited. This difference is not critical. More important is the set of services included in the license. Microsoft 365 Business Basic ◉ Chats, calls and meetings up to 300 participants; ◉ mobile and web versions of Office apps; mobile and web versions of Office apps; ◉1 TB cloud storage; ◉Corporate mail; ◉Standard security tools; ◉24/7 telephone and web support. Microsoft 365 Business Standard ◉ desktop versions of Office applications with advanced features; ◉ Convenient webinar hosting; ◉ Member registration and reporting tools; ◉ Managing meetings with clients. Microsoft 365 Business Premium All Microsoft 365 Business Standards plus: ◉Advanced security tools; ◉Access and data management; ◉Cyber ​​Threat Protection. Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans include all the services of Business plans, as well as protect and secure corporate data using a set of services (Microsoft Intune, Threat Protection, Microsoft Defender, etc.), and provide enhanced productivity tools (PowerBI, PowerApps) . Even if your company has only 25 employees, Enterprise rates will suit you. It all depends on the goals of the business. Enterprise tariffs are a solution for companies that want to protect corporate information and use analytics to make decisions or implement low-code technologies in business processes.