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ESET solutions - expectation and reality.

ESET is an international developer of antivirus software and computer security solutions for corporate and home users. ESET solutions detect and prevent various and new types of threats, providing really high-quality and effective protection for both home and corporate users. Today, ESET products provide security for more than 100 million computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and servers. ESET appeared to us as the first manufacturer of anti-virus software that uses methods to detect unknown network threats. All ESET products are based on the ThreatSense software platform, which combines various threat detection methods - generic analysis and signature method. All this makes it possible to successfully detect and stop new types of threats, and most importantly, their further mutations. This technology allows ESET to maintain its status as a leader in the development of antivirus software. The ESET product line includes products for: ◉ protection of workstations; ◉ protection of mail and file servers; ◉ protection of Internet gateways; ◉data encryption — ESlock+; ◉ two-factor authentication - ESET Secure Authentication; ◉protection of mobile devices - ESET Mobile Security; ◉ data backup - Storage Craft. User safety is a top priority for ESET. Therefore, users are provided with special offers to protect networks in the remote mode, which cybercriminals can use to carry out phishing attacks. ESET provides several business offerings: ESET PROTECT Entry ◉Multi-level business protection through simple deployment from a single management console. ◉Single management console Includes ESETPROTECT ◉Remote management from a single console to detect threats and users. ◉Available via the cloud or locally. ◉Protection of workstations - advanced protection for PCs, smartphones or virtual machines. ESET PROTECT Advanced ◉Single management console ◉Protection of workstations ◉File server protection ◉Full disk encryption ◉Cloud Sandbox (Protection against "0-day" threats, analyzes suspicious samples in an isolated cloud sandbox environment.) ESET PROTECT Complete ◉Single management console ◉Protection of workstations ◉File server protection ◉Full disk encryption ◉Cloud sandbox ◉Protection of mail servers ◉Cloud application protection ESET PROTECT Enterprise ◉Single management console ◉Protection of workstations ◉File server protection ◉Full disk encryption ◉Cloud sandbox ◉Detection and response (ESET`s Threat Detection and Tracking Tool continuously monitors workstation activities in real time, conducts deep analysis of suspicious processes and promptly responds to incidents).