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The cost of the cloud has even exceeded the cost of "conventional hardware"

The profit from the sale of equipment for the formation of a cloud platform increased, everything related to servers, data storage systems at the end of 2020 for the 2nd quarter by about 34.4%. This is the first time that cloud services infrastructure costs have surpassed those of conventional IT infrastructure. ┃Increased spending on cloud equipment┃ Spending for the year increased by 47.8%. In the segment of private clouds there is a 7% increase in hardware sales, expenses amounted to $ 5 billion, based on this, 64.1% of this amount relies on local private clouds. ┃The pandemic triggered an incredible growth in the market┃ The reason for this growth is the market reaction to changes in various areas of activity caused by the pandemic. Humanity began to actively use online solutions, the reason for this was the changes in many aspects of life. The fastest growing segment will be corporate data storage. The segment of Ethernet switches will grow by 3.9%. Dell Technologies is still the largest manufacturer of technology used to operate cloud services. The share of the company at the end of the II quarter of 2020 amounted to 13.2%. The company`s sales increased by 7.5%. In second place is HPE, which accounts for 10.2% of the market. Revenue decreased by almost 12%. The three leaders were closed by the Chinese supplier of cloud equipment, the Inspur company. The company increased shipments of equipment for cloud infrastructure by 136% and gained more than 10% of the market, surpassed Lenovo (5.7%) and Cisco (5%). Lenovo`s revenue exceeded $ 1 billion, up 49.3% year-on-year. IDC analysts predict that the hardware infrastructure market has reached a tipping point and cloud spending will skyrocket. By the end of 2020, current projections are projected to cost 54.8%, while non-cloud products will account for only 45.2%. Cloud IT infrastructure spending grew in Q2 2020 across all countries, with China and the United States showing the highest annual growth rates of 60.5% and 36.9%. In all regions, except for Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, growth in public cloud infrastructure has outpaced growth in private IT infrastructure. The growth of the market for equipment for deploying cloud infrastructure will be stimulated by technologies for public cloud services, revenue in 2020 will increase by 16%, to $ 52.4 billion. Sales of solutions for private clouds will increase by 0.3% and will amount to $ 21.5 billion.