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Inside Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server - manages databases developed by Microsoft. Directly performs the main function, helping to store and provide data in response to requests from other applications, which are carried out both on the same server and on the network. Servers differ according to the following criteria: How access is provided; How data is saved; How data is provided to the user. Each of these processes has a separate software component Provision of access application programs; Rendering data interface; Saving program data for interacting with the file system; MS SQL Server is an enterprise-wide mission-critical platform with high availability, performance and security. The solution is a highly scalable server capable of handling large amounts of data for client-server applications. Sufficiently high performance of MS SQL Server is provided by new technologies for working with memory, which helps enterprises accelerate their business and implement new work patterns. What`s more, SQL Server is leveraging new hybrid cloud solutions and taking advantage of new cloud computing benefits. Advanced security features, together with built-in, easy-to-use tools and guided data access, enable an organization to meet the requirements of stringent compliance policies. Benefits: - High performance - Get fast analysis results both on-premises and in the cloud - Advanced security features - Platform for hybrid cloud / Unified data presentation / The enterprise information integration platform includes data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) tools. MS SQL Server will provide accessibility and the ability to integrate any data sources, as well as obtaining data from a third-party source, including from SQL Server and cloud systems. The platform provides the ability to integrate data from business processes into Microsoft BizTalk Server for SAP, ERP and CRM systems, web services and mainframe applications, and monitor data coming in real time. SQL Server Services can help you build a complete enterprise-grade data analytics solution. Users gain the ability to analyze and interactively view data from different perspectives. You can simplify the process of creating complex solutions by using a semantic business intelligence model. This platform allows you to create various analytical solutions using convenient modeling tools, setting security parameters. The solution has balanced performance and scalability, which allows the use of computations in memory and requests to the server, and also, to process huge amounts of data at high speed. MS SQL Server has the ability to create reports with support for high-quality printing, which allows you to use web browsers and other tools for viewing. This solution allows you to simplify interaction and data sharing, independently create reports in various formats. It also guarantees a high level of manageability and scalability of reports, and allows making decisions in real time.