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Serilog is a popular .NET logging library

Serilog is a diagnostic log library for .NET applications. It`s easy to set up, also has a clean API, and works on all the latest .NET platforms. Serilog`s structured logging support is effective for instrumentation of complex, distributed and asynchronous applications and systems. Serilog uses message templates and a simple DSL to help extend the .NET format string with named and positional parameters. Rather than immediately converting events to text, Serilog captures the values ​​associated with each named parameter. Consider an example in a log event, two properties are written: Position and Elapsed. The @ operator in front of Position indicates the Serilog object passed in, rather than converting it using ToString (). Serilog`s support for structured event data opens up a huge range of diagnostic capabilities that are not available with traditional recorders. Server components record structured event data, which makes it possible to search and analyze logs without parsing the logs or using regular expressions. Support for structured data is not a rejection of text: Serilog writes events to files or the console, the template and properties are mapped to human-readable text.